G & C Inspection Services, LLC is in the business of timely and quality inspections of private water systems, and residential sewage systems within Tuscarawas County and surrounding areas as needed.

These include but are not limited to:

  • Point of Sale Inspections
  • Operation and Maintenance Compliance Inspections
  • Water and Waste Water sampling
  • Reporting

As a company we possess the following qualifications to conduct such inspections:

Michael Chek has 13 years experience with the Tuscarawas County General Health District conducting inspections, sampling, design, and evaluations of all things related to residential water supply, and on and off lot sewage treatment systems.

G & C Inspections was started to assist the residents of our region in complying with state and local laws and regulations as seamlessly as possible.  This service will help to reduce the pollution to the surface water in our area to once again be suitable for public usage, as well as minimizing the risk of disease due to waterborne illnesses.

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